Draupadi Murmu is the new President of India.

Draupadi Murmu is the new President of India.

Santhal woman, Draupadi Murmu has been elected as the new President of India. However, the official results of the vote are yet to be announced. But he got more votes than required to be elected. Draupadi, the BJP's preferred candidate, is the first indigenous woman to serve as the President of India. News from bad news.

Draupadi will take oath as the fifteenth President of India on July 25. The current President Ram Nath Kovind's term will end on that day.

Draupadi is a 64-year-old former teacher from Odisha. He has been working for the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) for the last few decades. He also served as the provincial governor of Jharkhand.

The post of President in India is largely figurative. Although the highest office of the state, the president has no role in running the country.

A President of India is elected by the members of both houses of Parliament (Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha), members of all state legislatures of the country, and representatives of Union Territories.

Who is Draupadi Murmu?

The first media buzz about Draupadi Murmu was in 2017. There were rumors that the BJP was considering his name as their presidential candidate. He was serving as the Governor of Jharkhand State at that time.

Draupadi Murmu was born on June 20, 1958, in Baidaposi village of Mayurbhanj district. She is a daughter of the Santal community, the oldest and largest tribal community in India.

Draupadi, the daughter of a village headman, studied at the Ramadevi Women's College in the state capital Bhubaneswar.

He started his career as a clerk in the Odisha state government. He also worked as a Junior Assistant in the State Department of Agriculture and Energy from 1979 to 1983.

He also taught at Sri Aurobindo Integral Education and Research Center in Rairangpur from 1994-97. Draupadi's political career began in 1997. He was elected councilor in the local elections in Rairangpur.

He was elected Member of Legislative Assembly twice in 2000 and 2009 from Rairangpur constituency for BJP. He was also a minister in the coalition government of the state in 2000-2004.

At first, he held the responsibility of the Ministry of Commerce and Transport, but later he handled the Ministry of Fisheries and Animal Resources. From 2006 to 2009, he was the president of the 'Backward Adivasi' wing of the state BJP.

Jharkhand - She retired from active politics in 2015 after being appointed as the state's first woman governor. Draupadi is the first tribal leader of Odisha to hold the post of Governor.

He served this duty for six consecutive years till July 2021. According to BBC, Draupadi Murmu performed the duties with a great reputation. The door of his office was always open to all classes of people.


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