Heated exchange between Biden and Xi Jinping over Taiwan.


Heated exchange between Biden and Xi Jinping over Taiwan.

The US and Chinese leaders warned each other about Taiwan in a phone call that lasted more than two hours.

US President Joe Biden has told Chinese President Xi Jinping that the US will oppose any unilateral move to change the island's status.

But he added that US policy on Taiwan has not changed.

Beijing said, Mr. Xi Biden, is asked to adhere to the one-China policy and is warned that "he who plays with fire, must burn".

Tensions have risen over rumors of US House of Representatives Speaker Nancy Pelosi's visit to Taiwan.

The country's foreign office said that Miz. Pelosi has not announced a visit, but China has warned that Ms. If Pelosi were to make such a trip, the consequences would be dire.

Last week, Mr. Biden told reporters "the military doesn't think it's a good idea," but the White House called China's rhetoric against a visit "completely useless and unnecessary."

Miz. Pelosi, who is running for president after the vice president, would be the first high-ranking US politician to visit Taiwan since 1997.

During Thursday's phone call, Mr. Biden and Mr. Xi also discussed their possible face-to-face meeting, with a senior Biden administration official describing the bilateral as "direct" and "honest."

Heated exchange between Biden and Xi Jinping over Taiwan.

Mr. When Biden was the US vice-president, he visited the Chinese leader in the United States in 2015. hosted Xi. But Mr. They have not met in person since Biden became president.

China views Taiwan as a breakaway province, an integral part of the country - and has not hesitated to use force to achieve that.

Under the One-China Policy, Washington does not recognize Taipei diplomatically. But the US sells arms to the democratically self-governing island so it can defend itself.

The White House said that in addition to Taiwan, the two leaders discussed other issues, including climate change and health protection.

The Biden administration is considering repealing Trump-era tariffs on Chinese imports, arguing that it could bring U.S. inflation under control. However, the US President on Thursday Mr. did not discuss the issue with Xi, the senior US official said.

The BBC's State Department correspondent Barbara Platt Usher reports that analysts believe both Joe Biden and Xi Jinping want to avoid public confrontation.

But no one made any attempt to change their competitive attitude. That is evident in the contrasting statements of the two leaders on Thursday.

In a brief statement, the White House said the talks are part of an effort to responsibly manage the differences between the two countries, where the two countries will work together to achieve common interests.

Beijing says they share many interests. But China has blamed the United States for the deterioration of relations between the two countries.

Beijing has criticized the Biden administration's approach to treating China as a "rival" and Washington's "most serious long-term challenge".


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