The latest death from Corona.


The latest death from Corona.

In the last 24 hours, 1 more person died due to coronavirus in the country. With this, the total number of dead increased to 29 thousand 285 people. Another 355 people have been diagnosed with corona during this period. The total number of affected patients has reached 20 lakh 4 thousand 543.

This information was given in the regular press release on Corona from the Department of Health on Friday (July 29).

Earlier on Thursday (July 28), 4 people died of coronavirus and 618 people were identified.

6 thousand 83 samples were tested in the last 24 hours. The detection rate against the test is 5.84 percent.

The total detection rate since the beginning of the epidemic is 13.73 percent.

Meanwhile, 696 people have recovered from Corona in the last day. So far 19 lakh 40 thousand 779 people have recovered.

The coronavirus spread from the Huanan seafood and wildlife market in Wuhan, China. That market was the epicenter of the epidemic. Scientists claim that reliable evidence has been found in multiple studies.

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According to a BBC report, at least two studies have examined data on the spread of the coronavirus in the city of Wuhan. The results of the study were published on Tuesday (July 26).

A study found that the earliest outbreaks of the coronavirus occurred around the Huanan market. Another study used the genetic information of the corona to know the exact time of the outbreak of the coronavirus.

This means that although the first infection was reported on December 31, 2019, two types of coronavirus existed in the human body as early as November and early December of that year.

On March 8, 2020, the first three people in Bangladesh were diagnosed with coronavirus. 10 days later, on March 18 of that year, the first person died of this virus in the country. On August 5 and 10, 2021, a maximum of 264 people died.

The latest death from Corona.


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