Two huge asteroids are heading towards Earth.


Two huge asteroids are heading towards Earth.

Asteroids coming towards Earth happen from time to time. But it is very rare for two asteroids to approach Earth at the same time. That rare event is about to happen in the next few days. An asteroid at least 400 feet wide is headed toward Earth on Friday, July 29, passing very close to the planet.

It is said that no such large asteroid has come towards Earth in recent times. At about the same time, another asteroid will approach the Earth. It is also of awe-inspiring size, about 600 feet wide.

When an asteroid hits, the first thing that happens is an atmosphere of panic. Everyone thinks that the earth will eventually collide with these asteroids. How will the conflict be? How much horror will be created?

The names of the two asteroids are 2016CZ31 and 2013CU83. Among them, 2016CZ31 will pass by Earth on July 29. But its distance from Earth will be 2.8 million kilometers. The next day, July 30, 2013CU83 is coming towards Earth. It is coming closer to Earth than any other asteroid. But despite this, the distance between this asteroid and the Earth is at least 69 lakh kilometers!

Astronomers say that there is no danger of these two asteroids hitting the earth! But the asteroid's surroundings can change at any time. Their speed can increase. Their direction can also change. As a result, it will not be possible to know everything about them in advance unless they are kept under constant observation.

NASA has categorized these two asteroids as 'Potentially Dangerous. This means they can turn violent at any moment, and even collide with the Earth.


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