What to do to pass the load shedding time!


Loadshedding time can be enjoyed in nature's light-darkness. Suppose there is no electricity, close your eyes and listen to the sounds of nature with your mind. There are thousands of words scattered in nature. Listening to them will calm your mind, and you will know nature more closely.

Don't try to catch your partner's fault again on this occasion, it will create family turmoil. Continue to practice those words in the family that are vehicles of love and respect for each other.

1. Likes to draw or write or indulge in some other artistic activity. It's hard to find time for yourself in this city between work. But in spite of all this, if you want to continue practicing your creativity, you can do this work in load shedding. Doing something you love makes you feel positive and happy.

2. You can go out for a walk. Coming to the proximity of people, the mind will also become very lively. Who knows, maybe in the light of day, you will recognize the road that looks so familiar. Maybe many things will start to like again.

3. It goes without saying that games like carrom or ludo during the day in the natural light will become a family event. You can also choose chess if you want to think a little more.

4. Everyone in the family can talk together. Find activities that will increase sincerity.


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