China suspended negotiations with the United States(USA)

China suspended negotiations with the United States(USA)

Tensions are rising over US House of Representatives Speaker Nancy Pelosi's visit to Taiwan. China has imposed sanctions on Pelosi. They have suspended talks with the United States on various issues including climate, military, and
drug smuggling. Along with that, military drills have been conducted around Taiwan for the second day on Friday. For this reason, many countries' airlines are avoiding Taiwan's airspace for the sake of safety.

China's People's Liberation Army's Eastern Theater Command is conducting exercises in the Taiwan Strait. They say that air and sea exercises are being conducted in the north, south-west and east of Taiwan to test the capabilities of the army.

Regarding the exercise, Taiwan's Ministry of Defense said that 68 Chinese warplanes and 13 ships are participating in the military exercise. However, it is said by China that more than 10 warships and more than 100 warplanes are participating in the exercise.

Taiwan is claiming that Chinese military vehicles have repeatedly violated the boundary line of the two countries in the Taiwan Strait. Their military forces have been instructed to prepare for defense in this situation. Warships, warplanes, land-based missile system,s and the media have given this message to the self-governing region.

The missile went over Taipei

Some missiles crossed the skies of Taiwan's capital Taipei during the exercise. Japan's Defense Ministry says four missiles have crossed over Taipei.

China's National Defense University professor Meng Xiangqing said active weapons are being used in the exercise. This is the first time their missiles have crossed Taiwan's airspace.

Taiwan President Tsai Ing-wen said in a video message, "We are calm, not excited. We are rational and not provocative. But we will also be firm and not run away.'

Sanctions on Pelosi

China has imposed sanctions on Nancy Pelosi and her family for visiting Taiwan. Through this, the country imposed sanctions on the fourth most powerful person in the US government. However, China did not give details on what kind of sanctions were imposed.

China's Ministry of Foreign Affairs said Pelosi's visit seriously interfered in China's internal affairs and seriously undermined China's sovereignty and territorial integrity. He also ignored the 'One China policy during this visit.

But Pelosi says her visit did not destabilize the region.

Flight is disrupted

Several airlines canceled flights to Taiwan last Thursday due to the use of active weapons in the drills. Airlines have taken a more cautious stance yesterday. Several airlines have canceled flights to Taipei. Besides, the routes of other flights operating through the area have been changed.

Korean Airlines and Singapore Airlines announced the cancellation of flights to and from Taipei yesterday due to the exercise. At the same time, Korean Airlines, Hong Kong's Cathay Pacific Airways, Philippine Airlines, and Vietnam's civil aviation company have warned the country's airlines to avoid the airspace.

Discussion adjourned

Diplomatic relations between China and the United States are going to suffer another round due to Pelosi's visit to Taiwan. China has said yesterday that it has decided to cancel several military meetings and climate change prevention meetings with the United States.

Experts fear that China's decision will affect global efforts to combat climate change. Because, the two countries mentioned several plans at the COP-26 conference in Scotland, UK. Apart from this, China is withdrawing from the discussion on the issue of prevention of drug smuggling and maritime security.

Counter-summons to the ambassador

The G-7 alliance of rich countries made a statement on the situation in Taiwan. In view of this, China has summoned the ambassador of Canada. China also summoned the US ambassador the previous day.

Meanwhile, the US summoned the Chinese ambassador. The White House summoned China's ambassador Qin Gang because of the military exercises that China has started around Taiwan.


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