China's 'strategic exercise' around Taiwan

China's 'strategic exercise' around Taiwan

China has started 'strategic exercises' around Taiwan. China's state broadcaster CCTV reported that military drills began in the sea around Taiwan at noon local time on Thursday. This exercise which started on Thursday will continue till next Sunday.

A day after US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's visit to Taiwan, Beijing began a show of force on the vital international shipping route.

According to CCTV, an important military exercise of the People's Liberation Army is being held from 12 noon on August 4 to August 7. A report by China's Global Times cited the move as a 'reconciliation operation'.

A map of Taiwan was attached to the CCTV post on social media.

Taiwan's military said they are closely monitoring the Chinese military exercise. Taipei does not want any conflict. But they are ready for any conflict.

Meanwhile, Taiwan's Ministry of Defense has stated that it will continue its policy of not escalating the conflict with China.

The Global Times quoted Chinese military expert Song Zhongping as saying, "Operational plans currently being rehearsed will translate into direct combat operations in the event of future military conflicts."

Earlier, after Nancy Pelosi's visit, Taipei alleged that 27 Chinese warplanes violated Taiwan's air defense system. Taiwan's Ministry of Defense made such allegations on Wednesday.

US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi began a visit to Taiwan on Tuesday, defying Beijing's continued threats. He left the region on Wednesday. China strongly reacted to the US speaker's visit. They conducted military exercises off the coast of Taiwan. A statement from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Beijing said that the United States is the instigator and China is the affected party in the current conflict surrounding Pelosi's visit to Taiwan.

China claims the democratically ruled Taiwan as an integral part of itself. They want to keep Taipei isolated from the world stage. Besides, Beijing has been opposing any country's contact with Taipei at the state level.


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