While putting out the fire, the fireman found 10 dead bodies of his family members.

While putting out the fire, the fireman found 10 dead bodies of his family members.

There was a house fire in the US state of Pennsylvania. 10 people including 3 children lost their lives in that fire. Firefighters arrived after the fire broke out. A firefighter came to the scene to put out the fire and saw that all those who died in the fire were his family members.

Police in Pennsylvania has confirmed the identities of the six people killed. However, the identity of the three children, aged five, six, and seven, who have died, has not yet been revealed. The fire is believed to have started from the balcony of the house early yesterday morning. An investigation has already been started considering the fire incident criminal.

The firefighter's name is Harold Baker of the Nescopec Volunteer Fire Company. He said, among those who lost their lives in the fire, were his son, daughter, father-in-law, brother-in-law, sister-in-law, three grandchildren, and two other relatives. Among the three children who died, two were boys and one was a girl. These children were not residents of that house. They went there for summer vacation.

State police have so far identified Dale Baker (19), Starr Baker (22), David Daubert Sr. (79), Shannon Daubert (42), Laura Daubert (47), and Marian Slusser (54).

Harold Baker said his son, Dale Baker, followed in his father's footsteps and joined the fire service. Police say they can identify the bodies by blood, and with the help of some of the dogs with them, the bodies of Harold Baker's family members were recovered from the collapsed building. According to police reports, three people managed to escape the house after the fire and survived.

Neskopeke is a rural area 150 km northwest of Philadelphia. The fire broke out at around 2.30 pm local time yesterday.

Pennsylvania State Police Lt. Derek Felsman told reporters yesterday, "Firefighters made a valiant attempt to enter through the back of the house. But they were forced to retreat from there because of the intensity of the fire and the heat.

Harold Baker told Citizen Voice, the city newspaper in Weeks Barre, 'When we turned here on Dewey Street, I looked down the road and realized whose house it was. I was in the first car. When I got out of the car the entire area was on fire. We try to get inside.'

Harold Baker told WNEP-TV, "The kids were there and two of my kids went there recently to visit their aunts and uncles. Among them, one child is from that house. They all went there for a walk.'

Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf wrote on Twitter that he was deeply saddened by the heartbreaking incident.


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